Guard West Security Services understands and recognizes that providing a safe, secure business for your tenants, employees, and customers is critical to your success.  We conduct thorough research and site tours which aid us in creating an in-depth analysis of your security guard needs. Please take a moment to visit our site and learn more about our services. We are happy to partner up with prospective clients who are seeking high quality security guards and security services.


Your property, equipment and inventory are all vital to what you do, and you would not want to leave it in the hands of an agency or organization that talks a big game, but isn’t there when you need them. Time is money and Guard West ensures that there are no losses you have to make up for down the line.

We have agents on the line to answer any questions you have, and to help you design your own personal, individual security plan, so that your specific needs are met completely.


The safety and security of your personnel and property directly impacts your daily operations. Choosing the right security provider to minimize risk is vital. Guard West provides licensed and insured security professionals for every conceivable environment.

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When you are in need of dependable Security Guard Services, don’t hesitate. Contact Guard West today.

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