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We recently performed an observational walk-through at six locations ranging from big box home improvement stores to specialty boutiques. As you might expect, national chain stores like Lowe's and Rite-Aid had up-to-date security cameras whereas small independent stores did not. Blind spots existed tho in every store and this is where a shoplifter will go to transfer products from cart to concealment.


We took particular note that these camera blind spots were in areas getting the least amount of traffic from either employees or customers. Additionally these areas were poorly lit. Shop lifters look for and find areas like this to do their deeds. We call these areas Theft Zones.

We interviewed an in-house Loss Prevention Manager after one walk through. In his store (120,000 square feet) the hot spot for theft, discovered hours or days later by discarded evidence, was in the very back of the Outdoor Garden Center. This Theft Zone had low traffic, was dimly lit, no camera coverage and even had an emergency exit near by where getaway cars could wait (more brazen than shop-lifting is running out of the store with product, referred to as push-outs). 


We advised an increase in lighting, and to make this spot a focus for staff as awareness is the single most important aspect in keeping your store and inventory safe and secure.


Does your store have Theft Zones? Contact us for a Security Audit. It is the best first step you can take to protect your assets and safeguard your people.  

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