Armed Security Guards

Maximize Safety and Peace of Mind with Armed Security Guards

If your company requires the most comprehensive safety measures, then it requires armed security guards. You can trust that Guard West Security Services only employs the most experienced, reliable, and capable armed security guards in the area.

We vet every guard thoroughly so that you can trust in their abilities. These are guards with high levels of weapons experience and a total commitment to protecting and serving our clients. They can provide the surveillance, defense, and emergency protection you need.

Does Your Situation Warrant Armed Security Guards?

At Guard West Security Services, we can provide both armed and unarmed security guards. As a result, we often have clients ask us: Should we hire an armed or unarmed guard? The answer depends on what you are protecting and what your level of risk is.

The easiest way to get an answer specific to your situation is to contact Guard West Security Services at 760-801-3073. We can go over your security needs and offer an experienced and honest opinion on the level of security that would likely work best for you.

That said, there are some situations that are almost always good candidates for armed security guards over unarmed security guards:

  • Transporting money and valuable assets
  • Displaying rare assets such as jewelry and fine art
  • Delivering value assets
  • VIP events with a high risk of complication
  • High-risk manufacturing locations

These are only a few of the reasons you might choose to hire an armed versus unarmed guard. The bottom line is this: if the worst happens, do you want a guard to have firepower or not?

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